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Our July 2018 stock recommendation is a brand driven business in the financial markets. The company is a beneficiary of credit off-take and improving financial markets. The sector in which the company operates has only few players and entire market is captured only by those few players. The return rations are exceptional and company does not need any capital to grow its business which leads to high dividend payout.

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Out March 2018 stock recommendation is a packaged food company which is trading at reasonable valuations. The company has got high market share in its segment both in India and in export market. As the company operates in packaged food segment, one can remain invested for very long duration with out the worry of any disruptions due to technological changes.

July 2018

May 2018

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Our May 2018 stock recommendation is a direct beneficiary of higher GDP growth. As the Indian economy is expected to gain traction due to higher consumer spending, it augurs well for the company. The company actually benefits from multiple structural changes like GST, move from unorganized to organized sector, spending by government on infrastructure. All these changes can catapult this company into big league.

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March 2018