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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the premium subscription plans available at Raghu StockAdvisors?
Currently we have a single plan called "Wealth Builder" where-in we provide detailed research reports of the stocks which we believe have a good potential of upside at the same time the capital loss buying these stocks is less. The duration of this plan is 12 months.

2. How many stocks are recommended as a part of Wealth Builder plan?

Six stock reports will be given for each subscriber to Wealth Builder plan. If we recommend only 3 stocks in 12 months duration then the subscriber is still eligible to recieve 3 more stocks even after the 12 months duration is over. This insulates us from recommending stocks just for the sake of recommending. Also the subscriber does not loose out on his subscription fees.

3. To whom Wealth Builder plan is suitable?

The plan is suitable for investors who does not want to get caught up in trading and short term focus. But rather who is ready to wait for a long time to bear fruits of investments. Some one who is ready to take the pain to read the research reports, build his or her conviction and then jump into buying the stock.​

4. Why does Wealth Builder plan has only few stock ideas?

We believe that it takes only few good ideas every few years to make really big money. More number of stocks does not mean that you can make more money. It is all about researching more and more stocks and allocating big money in few good ideas. We believe in quality rather than quantity.

5. What is the process of taking the membership?

Taking membership is very simple. Just click here.