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 ​​​​​​​​​​​​Raghu StockAdvis​or​s 

Quality & Long Term Focus

There are lots of research reports where whole lot of data is bombarded and it is not so useful for novice investors who does not have much knowledge in judging the balance sheets, cash flows and profit loss statements. At Raghu StockAdvisors, we tend to simplify the research in such a way that even a non-professional will be able to easily grasp and build his conviction in a particular company.

Each company goes through rigorous process that we follow. We term this process: S C S Q V. It stands for sustainability of the products, competitive advantage, scalability or the growth in sales, quality of management, quality of numbers and valuations.

Capital Protection

The tendency of most of the investors is to be short term oriented. Because of this advisories focus on giving stock recommendations which will rise over the next one year. This is a contradiction to the fact that investors must always buy quality stock rather than buying stocks which will rise over short term. We will avoid this tendency of instant gratification.

​​​Making Stock Investing Simple

​​​Our Philosophy

We are of the opinion that stock markets are meant for wealth creation. This happens when we buy small and medium sized companies which have the ability to grow and become bigger in size. We do a very rigorous analysis of lot of smaller and medium sized companies to find out which ones can grow and become bigger.

We believe that investing in growth stocks is just half job done. In stock markets another half is about protecting the capital from mistakes. We give a lot of stress on whether any given business is worth buying at a certain price.

Focus on Small Fish