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May 2010

102091990%Consumer Brand
BASFJul 2010426

Book Profit @ 650

Sep 2012


Large Diversified Chemical Company

Sell Logic: Earnings are not Improving

Amara Raja Batteries

Oct 2010​

110860682%DuoPoly Play
Banco ProductsDec 201086

Book Loss @ 72

​Nov 2011


Consistent increase in Profits

Sell Logic: Looks like no Pricing Power

KSB PumpsFeb 2011216

Book Loss @ 209

May 2013


MNC at Decent Valuations

Sell Logic: No Growth in Sales

CrisilApr 20113012070588%Monopoly in Rating
Wim Plast LtdMay 201110514461277%Consumer Brand Play
Cera SanitarywareJul 201121025721125%Consumer Brand Play

Transport Corporation

Sep 201155320482%Value Buy
Atul AutoApr 201245422838%Small Market Cap, High Return Ratios
Avanti FeedsMay 20128

Book Profit @ 801

​Feb 2018


Small Company, Huge Oppertunity Size

Sell Logic: Overvalued

Bayer CropScienceJun 20128304097394%MNC at Reasonable Valuations
TV TodaySep 201267270303%Operating Leaverage Business
Bajaj FinanceMay 20131481059615%Huge Untapped Oppertunity in Financing
Tata ElxsiOct 20131871478690%Coming out of Problems
Vinati OrganicsSep 201389

Book Profit @ 965

November 2017


A High ROE business going Cheap

Sell Logic: Less growth in Sales, Rich Valuations

Linc PensNov 201335

Book Profit @ 259

January 2017


Consumer Brand, Penny Market Cap

Sell Logic: No More Undervalued, Slow Growth

Huhtamaki PPL LtdDec 201367

Book Profit @ 255

​August 2015


MNC at Decent Valuations

Sell Logic: B2B Business, No Pricing Power

Godrej PropertiesFeb 201418731669%Consumer Brand Play
ENILMay 2014399817105%Penetration of Cars increases listenership
PaushakJun 2014167

Book Profit @ 588

October 2016


Alembic Company at Low Market Cap

Sell Logic: Slower Growth in Sales/Profits

TCPLJul 2014178

Book Profit @ 589

May 2017


Packaging Company at Low Valuations

​Sell Logic: Profits Stagnated. Low Pricing Power

Capital FirstJan 2015375

Book Profit @ 870

January 2018


Huge Untapped Opportunity in Financing

Sell Logic: Merger with IDFC Bank will Stunt Growth

Stylam IndustriesFeb 201595

Book Profit @ 678

November 2017


Small Cap, Right Valuations, Growth

​Sell Logic: Rising Debt, No Dividend, Rich Valuations

Balkrishna IndustriesMar 20155161190131%Outsourcing Oppertunity
Ipca LaboratoriesMay 2015652

Book Loss @ 528

November 2017


Buy Quality Companies in Trouble

Sell Logic: FDA resolution taking too long time

Prima PlasticsAug 201570222217%Punny Market Cap, Visible Brand
Repco HomeNov 201563880225%Low Cost Housing Finance
Sudarshan ChemicalsJan 201695366285%Undervalued Bet
Chamanlal SetiaApr 20165810072%Agri Value Addition
Poddar PigmentsJul 201619830251%Strong Balance Sheet, Small Market Cap
Apar IndustriesOct 201657182344%DuoPoly in Power Sector
**** [More Info...]Jan 2017395800


Business Model Similar to Uber & Air BNB

Potential Multibagger Stock

Alkyl Amines LtdMar 201737071091%

Proxy Play on Pharma Growth

Long Term Stock

**** [More Info...]Apr 2017******-14%

Stock Available at Reasonable Levels

Medium Term Stock

**** [More Info...]

Jun 2017******46%

Limited Downside, Safe Compounding Stock

​Long Term Stock

Rain Industries LtdAug 2017115450291%

Debt Ridden Company with Moats

Long Term Stock

TV Today NetworkSep 201727246570%National Brand with Clean Balance Sheet
Medium Term Stock

**** [More Info...]

Nov 2017******22%

Oligopolistic Competition & Clean Balance Sheet

Long Term Stock

**** [More Info...]

January 2018*********

Proxy play on the recovery of economy and consumer spending

Medium Term Stock

**** [More Info...]
March 2018***

Consumer brand with dominant market share at right valuations

Long Term Stock

**** [More Info...]
May 2018

Beneficiary of GST and infrastructure spend by Government

Long Term Stock

**** [More Info...]
July 2018

Proxy Play to the Indian Financial Markets and a Brand Driven Business

Long Term Stock

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