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Stocks with holding period ranging from 1 year to more than 5 years




Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many stocks will be recommended during 12 Months duration?
We will try to recommend 6 stocks every 12 months. We will recommend only in case there is an available opportunity. We do not want to recommend stocks just for the sake of recommending. But every subscriber is guaranteed to receive minimum 6 stocks, even if 12 Months duration is exceeded for the subscriber. Soon after subscribing you will receive past 6 stock recommendations.​​​​

2. How do members receive the research reports?

Detailed stock reports in PDF format for the recommended stocks will be sent in EMail. You will get an SMS alert for new stock recommendation.​

3. What is the interval of stock recommendation?

This will not be fixed as sometimes it takes time for opportunity to show up.

4. Apart from stock research report, what else will be updated?

We will update you about the performance of the recommended stocks after every quarter results. Also an update will be sent in case we feel some stock need to be exited.

5. Sample Report & Past Performance Snapshot

Free Sample Report     |     Past Performance Snapshot

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