​​​WealthBuilder Plan

Are you ready for our WealthBuilder plan?

1. Buying a Stock is not like buying a lottery ticket. A stock represents a business and owning a stock is like owning some part of the business.​

2. You have enough patience to hold on to a stock for a very long time for the compounding effect to work. Sometimes there might be few years where the stock may not give any returns for various factors like market conditions, the valuations, quarterly results, etc.​​
3. ​You are ready to put in effort to read the research reports that we send and try to understand the business, build your own conviction around the company before jumping and buying.​

4. You have enough guts to hold on to a stock even when the market is experiencing gut wrenching falls. Remember that cream always raises to the top. If you hold nice companies then ultimately sense will prevail and the stock moves up.​

5. You can build nice portfolio of stocks you believe you are convinced. Remember that we make sustainable money because we have positioned our portfolio with good balance of both defensive and growth stocks. Just see how batting lineup is designed for a cricket match. They try to select hitting batsman as well as players who can play defensively and safely for a very long time.​

6. ​You do not have trading mentality and do not focus on the short term. You are disciplined enough not to buy and sell for taking advantage of the small movements of the stock.​

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