Capital Protection

Stock Filteration

You will get lots of free stock ideas from all around, but to really make money you need to select the best ideas from these. We follow a very rigorous process which leaves only few stock ideas for investment.

We do invest our personal money in the same stocks we recommend to our members. We will never recommend any stock which we ourselves will not like to buy. All the details of our current holding are periodically shared with our members. This ensures that our interests are directly aligned with our members.

Why Choose Us?

We have a passion to identify high quality businesses. This helps us in protecting any serious loss of capital. Investing in small and medium companies is very risky. While the stock markets are doing good the prices of these stocks tend to rise fast but when the market goes down during bear phases, these companies tend to fall the most. So while investing in mid and small cap stocks it is very important to select the quality companies even if they are trading at relatively higher valuations than the low quality companies.

We identify companies for long term holding and do not trouble investors to buy in and buy out. This strategy of buy and sell is recommended by institutions who benefit out of brokerages they earn. Our focus is on building the portfolio of members with great stocks which turn out to be wealth creators.

SEBI Registered Investment Advisory

Interest are Aligned

We do not promise to recommend a stock on a periodic manner just for the sake of recommending. We have the patience to wait for the appropriate opportunity to show up. To ensure this we do not promise fixed number of recommendations per year. If need arises we extend the membership period but do not try and recommend where we do not have conviction.

Focussed Approach

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